[ Web Development ]


What’s that you say? You want to sell things? On the Internet?! We partner with CS-Cart to build eCommerce platforms that make it easy to sell thousands of products and manage it all with ease.  We’ll have you up and running, adding products and pricing your goods in your own website store designed to securely accept payments from your customers.

We set you up with an online store that’s ready to use.  You don’t need any programming knowledge to start adding your products thanks to the administration panel.  Your store can handle unlimited products and images, and you can create as many categories as you need to organize everything so your customers can find it easily.


Do you have a lot to say?  Looking for people to share all those ideas and opinions with?  A blog is the perfect platform for aspiring writers or people who just want to get a few things off their chest and want a simple way to update their content.

Blogs are also an ideal way for business owners to establish relationships with prospective customers and communicate with your target market – both of which can help you increase sales and reach new customers.

We create blogs on the WordPress platform for both your individual or business needs.  Once set up, you can easily add new information in the form of blog posts – no programming knowledge or experience necessary.  Easily add multimedia to your blog posts from photographs to videos, link to pages within your own blog or to other sites, and quickly format text so it looks nice on the screen.

Content Management System

The trouble with most websites people pay for is that once they’re made, they have no idea how to make changes to the site or add new content.  If you need to change some of your information, you have to find the web designer who put the site together for you, hope they’re still in business, and ask them to make modifications to your site.  Each time you want to make a change – you’ll have to pay for it.

When you use a content management system, like WordPress, an amazing looking website is created that anyone can update themselves.  We’ll set it all up for you, and then you can log into your administration area to add new pages, change information, or even update the way the site looks or the colors with a few clicks of the mouse.  This type of website is much more cost effective, performs well in the search engines, and will grow and change with you as you need it to.