[ Online Marketing ]

If you have a website, blog, or online store – your goal is to get people to your site, right?  Unfortunately, the “if you build it, they will come” mentality doesn’t quite work for the internet and you have to take action to help interested people find your online piece of real estate.  We focus on using content strategies for increasing visitors to your website, including:

Guest Bloggingthis service involves writing articles on your niche area to post on other websites and blogs as guest contributors.  We provide the content, find guest spots on popular websites in your industry to publish your articles, and use keyword linking strategies for SEO purposes.  As multiple sites in your niche area start linking to your site, you begin to move up in the search engine listings for your keywords.  Additionally, you gain new site visitors from people on the guest sites clicking on links to read more about you and what you offer.

Article Directoriesanother content marketing strategy that offers proven results is to write and distribute articles in your niche area to popular article directories.  We provide the content and submit the articles to the best article directories for you – in your name and with links to your site.

Blogginghaving your own blog, even if you are an online store or just using the website as an internet brochure of your services, is a great way to develop relationships with current and prospective customers.  Blogs are also great for improving your website’s search engine visibility.  Unfortunately, most business owners don’t have the time required to write blog articles with the consistency required for effectiveness.  We can research topics in your niche area, write informative articles and publish them to your blog to establish your expertise in the industry.

Social Mediayou’d have to be living under a rock not to recognize the potential of social media as a means of marketing your business or website.  We can work with you on a social media campaign on the two leaders of social media websites – Facebook and Twitter.  We’ll get you set up with a Facebook page for your business or blog; and a Twitter account; connect them all to your website and/or blog, and give you tips for using them.  We can also take full control of your social media experience and post to both your Facebook and Twitter accounts to develop relationships and contacts with people who are interested in what you offer.