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Long before Google and Facebook, and before life as we know it, really – the internet consisted of some really ugly websites.  People learned the basic HTML tags that allowed them to publish some information to web pages, and called it web “design”.  Do not be fooled – there was no “design” about these early web pages.
Over time, the tools of design and web development became more advanced – which meant people who learned these tools of the trade could now create well designed web sites (instead of the  ridiculously ugly and cluttered sites of days gone by – think of the old Myspace profiles, where teenagers picked bright and busy wallpaper patterns for their page backgrounds that flash and sparkle with every video and photograph and music file they could find uploaded and playing at the same time…)

Today’s web design and development professionals create interactive designs that are visually pleasing and functional.  In 2003, our interactive design studio was created in response to our earliest clients who required sensible web designs for their medium-sized businesses.  They didn’t want to simply publish words and pictures to a page and call it a web design – they wanted tailor made designs that made sense for their brand.

Since our first day in business, ET Interactive has worked with each client to learn exactly what goals your web site must accomplish.  We learn about the image you’re trying to portray and work hand-in-hand with you to ensure your finished design will further promote your company brand while presenting the information you need to present.  We apply expert programming knowledge and tireless efforts to implement each and every web project.  We personally see that every last detail has been accounted for, and deliver beautiful, sensible, ready-to-use web sites.

Today, we continue to serve an ever-growing roster of clients, and our methodology remains unchanged.  We are still 100% committed as a fully interactive design studio and strategic consultancy, with both front and back end developers on staff to deliver everything you need in a web site.  When we bring your web project to the online world – we introduce another interactive user-experience to the world.

Tony Kowalick
Tony Kowalick

An all around Tech fan, I have been developing and coding since 1998, anything from Oracle, ColdFusion custom applications to WordPress and CS-Cart PHP based sites. Huge fan of MMA and the Philadelphia Eagles.